Spice Up Your Summer!

I'm writing this on the first day of Summer, my favorite time of year! This past week, we've settled into our new home, adjusted to our new commutes and are just focusing on getting to know our new neighborhood. I'm so pumped to try out the Farmer's Market that's only a mile from our house. I plan on throwing the kids in a wagon and walking there on the trail behind our house. (http://www.brookfieldfarmersmarket.com/)

I set up my happy place. Isn't it beautiful??? It all starts in the kitchen and I needed to have everything in its place to feel at home. 

This week's recipes all have a little kick to them. Black bean burgers, Sweet and Spicy cauliflower, Chipotle Salmon Cakes and Stuffed Peppers. We really try to eat vegetarian as much as possible because I want my kids to love and crave veggies so we figure just give them no option!

In the theme of spicing things up, the kid's rooms are starting to come to life, beginning with the closets. Decorating a new house is a little like seasoning a meal, since it's all about accents. As we get more settled, we'll show more of the house. 



Spicy Week Grocery list


Black Bean Burgers

6.22 burger.JPG


The black bean burgers are super versatile and they freeze well. I always double the recipe when I make them and freeze half. I like to crumble them into tacos, make lettuce wraps when I'm feeling like I need to lighten my load, or have them with sriracha on a salty pretzel bun when I need a reward.  

6.22 black bean.JPG




6.22 cauliflower.JPG


The stuffed peppers are a client favorite. Even people that think they don't like stuffed peppers like these and they ask for them on repeat. Pete and repeat were on a boat and Pete jumped off. Who was left? Repeat. Pete and repeat were on a boat and Pete jumped off. Who was left? Repeat.Pete and repeat were on a boat and Pete jumped off. Who was left? Repeat.

6.22 stuffed peppers.JPG
6.22 bake.JPG
6.22 food.JPG

what do you call a fish with a tie? sofishticated.

CHIPOTLE Salmon cakes

6.22 burger in pan.JPG
Lemon Aoili Ingredients.jpg
Lemon Aoili Instructions.jpg
Chipotle Salmon Cake Ingredients .jpg
Chipotle Salmon Cake Instructions.jpg


Next week will be the weekend before the 4th of July, so we'll have a special grilling focused menu. See you then!