Hope you are having a great start to the new year. Mine has been shitty but not in a bad way, in a good way....we have officially potty-trained Rex!! No more diapers (pull-ups at night for a while longer). We only had one major poop disaster too! I feel like once the child sees and feels poop all over them and the house, they know they don't want to do that again! It took about a week and a half of naked bottom and following him around the house, but we got it done. This morning he got up at 5am and went potty on the toilet and then back to his room to play all by himself. He's a genius (I say that about both my kids often...get used to it:).


I was able to take a few weeks off for the holidays so I was in charge of feeding my kiddos every meal. Usually we have help with this so I am not 100% aware of what they eat on a daily basis. My husband handles breakfast and I do dinner most nights but grandma is generally in charge of snacks and lunch. I have two picky, food-wasting, nonsense-eating, tiny monsters and I bet you do, too. I wised up! I ordered little lunch boxes for them and filled them with something new, something they love, and something with protein for each meal. These boxes (link here) are microwaveable, dishwasher-safe, stackable, and come in fun kids colors. Kids like variety and snacking. They also like to have control. If we give them options that we believe in, we take back the control. The snap-on lids make it easy to put the food out and save (not waste) what they don't eat for another time. I still make them eat breakfast and dinner with the family but for lunch and snack time these boxes are a life saver. 

ruby lunching.jpeg

I mix it up but my go-to kid food is....

  • Fresh fruit

  • Black bean burritos (beans, cheese, tortilla)

  • Chicken salad (recipe in another blog post here)

  • Baked beans

  • Broccoli-cooked

  • Mac nā€™ Cheese (I usually add pureed butternut squash to the store-bought kind)

  • Protein balls (recipe in another blog post here)

  • Sliced Cucumbers

  • Carrots-raw

  • Crackers & Hummus

  • Cashews

  • Peas-my kiddos like them frozen but if you have normal kids, feel free to heat them up

  • Dried Fruit

rex lunching.jpeg

Use your imagination and see what you come up with!