It's Greek Week!

Welcome to Simple Eats Meal Prep 101. Meal prep is easy. It's about taking the time once a week to prepare all your meals so you aren't bothered after a long day and you have the time to watch The Bachelorette, guilt-free.

I love Mediterranean food because it's fresh, simple AND healthy. If you follow my grocery list, you'll be able to make all these recipes using up all of your ingredients. No more throwing out vegetables because you'll be throwing them into the Mediterranean Bake! You'll have dinner for a few nights and time leftover to be able to sit with your family over an easy, delicious home-cooked meal. 

You don't need to stick with the vegetables on my list either, you can add what you have in your fridge into the mix. 

You don't need to stick with the vegetables on my list either, you can add what you have in your fridge into the mix. 


So take this grocery list with you to the supermarket, grab the items, allow a couple of hours to prepare these tasty meals and then you're all set! Go watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding if you need to get into the Greek Week spirit.


Click on the list for a printable pdf or save to your Pinterest page!



Gazpacho 2.JPG
Cucumber Basil Gazpacho instructions .jpg

If you've ever waited tables like me, you probably heard "This soup is cold." So this soup is the perfect solution to avoid that because it's served cold. 

Greek Chicken breast2.jpg

I don't have a picture of the chicken but you know what chicken looks like ;)

greek salad.JPG


Chopped Greek Salad 2.jpg

Turkey meatballs. What can you serve but never eat?

A volleyball. Get it???

meatballs step 1.JPG

Step 1: Mix everything in a bowl

Step 2: Roll into balls

meatballs step 3.JPG

Step 3: Bake and enjoy!

Greek Meatballs 2.jpg

One of my favorite families that I meal prep for has a vegan daughter, so that’s how I landed on the Mediterranean vegetable bake. I needed a tasty alternative and this is so easy to make, too. 

veg bake.JPG
Mediterranean Vegetable Bake2.jpg
Tzatziki Sauce copy1.jpg

I love this sauce drizzled on everything from vegetable skewers to chicken breast and even to dip fresh pita bread in. Side note - just click on the recipes above to get a printable pdf. 

Let me know what you think and stay tuned for next week's grocery list and menus, posted every Friday! 


Meet Krysta

You guys, I’m starting a blog! My goal is to have every family in the Midwest eating real meals together again. And since I can’t make food for everyone that wants our service, I can at least teach them how to meal prep for themselves. I’m going to be posting weekly grocery lists with easy recipes so you can make them with your families and not go bonkers during the week. The lists will help ensure that all of the food you purchase is being eaten. Food waste drives me bananas!! We spend so much money on stores, Costco, dining out and take out because we don’t feel like cooking the food we purchased or we don’t have the time. We end up tossing half the food we bought because it goes bad or nobody wants to eat leftovers. It’s a vicious cycle that is easy to break with planning. I want to post live videos of meal prep sessions and cleaning out your fridge to make sure there’s less food waste. It will save families time and money. 

krysta on counter.jpg

"Food waste drives me bananas!!"

We meal prep every Sunday at my house and we make it a family event. My husband makes pancakes and marinades for the meats while I prep all the the vegetables and starches. The meals come together fairly quickly and the kids love to help. It’s one less thing to worry about during the week when our schedules are crazy.

This week's recipe is for Protein Balls. They're the most requested recipe and they're a healthy, raw, sugar-free cookie ball that fills you up and tastes great. My kids love them! Plus they're simple to make. 





Stay tuned for next week's first grocery list and recipes: 

Greek Meatballs made with Ground Turkey, Cucumber Basil Gazpacho, and Mediterranean Vegetable Bake with Grilled Chicken.

Have a great weekend!