meet Krysta

Wife, mom, cook, real food enthusiast – these are a few things that describe and define Milwaukee native Krysta Hutton. These things have also helped develop her belief that healthy, unprocessed, clean foods should be front and center in kitchens throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Krysta understands how difficult it is to make that belief a reality. With the help of her lovely family and some kitchen wizardry, she’s figured out how to make it manageable. The fabulous news? She’s available to help others make it manageable too!

Her kitchen cred includes 20+ years of working in restaurants and 8 years of being a self-taught personal chef. She’s well versed in a variety of different diets and cuisines: vegan, vegetarian, low-carb, gluten free, Paleo, and Keto, among others. She has created personal meal plans for Milwaukee athletes, busy families, single individuals, and people who generally like delicious food.  

Krysta isn’t a fan of diets, but she is a proponent of making healthy lifestyle changes to feel your best, love your body & yourself, other good things, etc. She’s also a fan of flavorful food, so while she maintains a mostly organic, portion-controlled kitchen, ALL of it qualifies as a true “taste sensation.” She is available to help you bump up your flavor savvy with in-home cooking, meal planning, events and cleanses.

Krysta’s greatest joy is spending time with her two kids, Rex and Ruby, and her husband, photography/wine enthusiast Christopher Hutton. They love Krysta’s food almost as much as they love her. When she’s not cooking or hanging with the family, you will find her perusing thrift markets, working out at Barre District, or entertaining a group of special girlfriends.