I can honestly say there is nothing Krysta can make that I won't love.  Being a busy mom and business owner there are a lot of times during the week that I don't have time to cook.  Usually convenient meals means grabbing something unhealthy last minute but thanks to Krysta I am able to eat well on my busiest of days.  If you want to eat healthy but not sacrifice taste, you're definitely in the right place.

Christina Zarnowski - Fitness Studio Owner

Krysta undoubtedly has been one of the biggest improvements to our lifestyle and family this past year!  She cooks for us weekly to help us out with our busy schedules during the week.  Every week we select from her recipe inspiration list and off she goes whipping them up!  We get healthy new and exciting meals every week that we simply pull out of the refrigerator and heat them up.  For us, it leaves us time to spend on other important things in life and frees up at least an hour a night of trying to figure out what to cook and then cook it.  We eat out less often, eat more healthy, have more variety, have more time and in the end saves us money (as we aren’t throwing food out we didn’t cook or eating out every other night).  She has also helped me prepare appetizers for a team party as well as prepare an incredible family dinner for 12.  She is an amazing chef and an incredible, vibrant woman - we are so thankful for her each and every day!

SB, Brookfield

I hired Krysta as a Christmas present for my mom when she started the Whole 30 diet. She prepared a week's worth of healthy, creative, flavorful meals and was a lifesaver for my busy mom who was nervous about starting the diet because of all the menu restrictions. Instead, my mom kept telling me how delicious everything was and I loved that she was exposed to foods she rarely eats, like quinoa and salmon.

CC, Waukesha

I started following @simpleeatsmke on Instagram. I was intrigued with the concept of having a chef plan and prepare a delicious and healthy meal for my family. I contacted Krysta to talk about planning an Easter feast for 14. One of my daughters is a vegetarian and the other daughter needs to be dairy free as her 4 month old has developed a milk protein allergy and she is nursing. The rest of my family would still like to have some meat in their meals! Needless to say, this was one of our best Easter meals we ever had. Everything was amazing. The menu had a lot of variety and the food was so fresh and delicious. I am hooked! Looking forward to more amazing meals!