Meet Chef Kate

Hi! I'm Kate! In a nutshell, I'm an upbeat individual with a passion for food, plants and people. I’m extraordinarily fascinated by the human body - specifically, how what we eat impacts our experience in the world. I have a biology degree from St. Norbert College and am halfway through the dietetics program at Mount Mary University. As a future registered dietitian, I have a great appreciation for this job at Simple Eats MKE since we're providing you with healthy meals made from scratch!


I truly believe food has the ability to heal, and I love seeing an increased interest in holistic healing as a compliment to modern medicine. "Wellness" is much more than what we consume or how often we workout. As of now, I plan to specialize in Integrative and Functional Nutrition so that I can help people restore balance physically, mentally and emotionally through progressive dietary and lifestyle changes. I recently started documenting what I'm learning in school (and through my own research) on a blog. Visit my page - - to see what's new! :)

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When I'm not studying, I like to remain active and am constantly seeking opportunities to learn. As a naturally curious person, I've dabbled in many hobbies and have a plethora of interests. I'm also a podcast junkie and dog mom to the sweetest mini-goldendoodle named Pepper. Ultimately, my favorite hobby and stress-reliever is cooking! I am lactose-intolerant and primarily eat plant-based meals so the majority of my experimenting in the kitchen is with various protein sources and dairy alternatives.


Interestingly, I met Krysta through a school assignment. She was kind enough to let me interview her for my management class and we immediately connected. I was enthralled with her business and started working for Simple Eats MKE within a month of that meeting. Since then, I've enjoyed watching the business adapt and grow, and cannot wait to see what's next for Simple Eats MKE! I've loved every part of this journey and I’m thankful for the opportunity to virtually meet you! Hopefully I can serve you through a future nutrition counseling session or by helping to prepare nutrient-dense meals for you and your family!

Here are a few recipes that I highly recommend you try! From my happy & healthy home to yours!



All my friends know they can count on me to bring hummus and fresh veggies to any gathering! I love to make the hummus seasonal and vary my herbs to match the occasion :) For example, in late summer I'll use roasted beets or peas to alter the color and add a fun flavor boost!




As I mentioned above, I enjoy experimenting with protein sources, and this salad provides protein in multiple forms. Between the crunchy almonds, smooth edamame and warm glazed tempeh, it has the perfect combo of taste and texture. Plus, you can tell just from the bright colors, it's an extremely nutrient-dense meal. WIN-WIN in my book!




Although I don't eat a lot of meat, salmon is loaded with healthy fats including essential omega-3 fatty acids. The Mediterranean diet has consistently proved to be beneficial for our cardiovascular system, waist, and cognitive function, so many of my meals are inspired by this type of cuisine. Fish is common in Mediterranean meals, so this is my family-approved version that will benefit the entire body. The patties pair well with roasted veggies or steamed greens! I also wanted to point out that traditional mayo does not contain dairy, but some brands will add cream so I always triple-check!